Yocan Pandon Concentrate Vaporizer


Do you want to enjoy the cost effective, efficient, tasty and potent effects of concentrates like Shatter , Live Resin and THCA Diamonds without buying a whole dab rig? If so, Yocan’s Pandon Concentrate Vaporizer is the perfect solution.

Take a small dab of your desired concentrate and place it directly on the interior Quartz Dual Coil, screw it closed, press the button and inhale 🙂 With a variety of temperature settings you can easily create potent billowing clouds of thick vapor with high temps, or light easy pulls at lower temps.

What’s really cool is that there are two concentrate chambers inside the unit that can be used simultaneously!  This means you can take two different concentrates and create your own unique blends for one-of-a-kind flavours and drastically amplified potencies.

Easy to clean and maintain, it comes with a: Pandon Vape Pen, Small Dab Tool and Micro USB Charging Cable.