$70 SALE *New Kinds* Unicorn Hunter 1.3g* Disposable Vape Pen (HTFSE)


The biggest disposable vape pen cartridges around, Unicorn Hunters now have 1.3g!!!

From the makers of Evolve: Unicorn Hunter Disposable Vape Pens are new & improved design which now pull incredibly smoothly without any clogging.

There’s also more to vape, they’re loaded up with a full 1.3g of High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE).

This is as close as it gets to nature’s cannabis flower, it tastes and smells like the strain itself and it has the full range of cannabinoids, maximizing potency and healing effects.

With beautiful aesthetics and a wide variety of new and classic strains, including various THC:CBD ratios, you’re definitely going to find something you love!


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Blueberry, King Kush, Green Apple 20% CBD, Cannatonic 1:2 THC:CBD, Pineapple Express, Gelato, Purple Kush, Watermelon 30% CBD, Cannatonic 60% CBD, Mint 100% CBD, Strawberry, Death Bubba, Mountain Dew, Wedding Cake, Blue Raspberry, Chem Dawg Live Resin, Zkittles Live Resin, Orange Creamsicle, Big League Grape, Pink Kush Live Resin, Banana Cream Pie, Girl Scout Cookies