Transkei Cubensis “African” – Dried Mushrooms


Transkei Cubensis “African” are known for their vivid visual effects. At lower doses there are often beautiful closed eye visuals like kaleidoscopic colours and neon lights.  At higher doses one may experience incredible open eye visuals like clouds swirling, trees breathing, patterns emerging from the ground and tracers when objects move across the visual field.

Transkei Cubensis originated in the pastures of South Africa, and is the only cubensis naturally found on the continent. It is possible this is the mushroom referred to in Terrence Mckennas “stoned ape theory”, the theory that psilocybe mushrooms positively influenced human evolution.

Dried mushrooms offer the best price and are just the way nature intended. Some don’t prefer the taste, but think of chewing them as an opportunity to reinforce the intention for the journey and gratefully pay the price of admission.

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