Platinum Kush – Premium


Platinum Kush is a Premium Mid Harvest Indica produced by the best growers in the business, Misty Creek.

So much love, care and dedication goes into the producing of Misty Creek strains; one look, smell or puff demonstrates this next level of compassionate cannabis production.

Platinum Kush buds are massive emerald, teal and burnt orange offerings, with a gentle trim to ensure copious trichome retention. The aroma is consummately Indica with various fragrant tones of forest, wood, earth and moss.

This strain has an incredibly well balanced cannabinoid and terpene profile which provides exemplary pain and stress relief while also leaving the mind functionally relaxed.

Misty Creek has utilized their signature energized and vortexed water feeding techniques to infuse this powerful medicine with a vast array of healing properties.

Quickly becoming a favourite amongst our clients, we highly recommend trying some soon, it’s going fast!


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