Peanut Butter OG – 4A


Peanut Butter OG is a Mid Harvest Indica rare cross between the ever gassy Peanut Butter Breath and OG Kush.

This strain’s buds are medium-loose trim, dense and seafoam green with dark plum tones. Her complex fragrance has dank peanut butter overtones with prominent wafts sweet orange and gassy diesel.

Usually coming in at 20%+ THC, PBOG often melts into the mind first before smoothly and evenly spreading through the body in waves that will leave you feeling eminently relaxed and often quite hungry. It has been reported by a number of clients to also enhance sensory enjoyment of many types, particularly that of delicious healthy foods.

Her dominant terpenes are Linalool and Limonene which have significant sedative, ant bacterial and anti cancer effects.

Peanut Butter OG is a powerful and wise healer that feels lovingly caring, like a warm cozy blanket by the fire when snowed in with nowhere to go and not a care in the world.


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