Odin Mushroom Microdosing Journal


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We here at Compassion in Motion are proud to offer this incredibly useful tool for your mushroom microdosing journey.  This bullet style journal has a hard cover made with lovely high quality soft fabric and features a number of beautifully coloured informative educational pages. It also has tons of guidance and space for you to write and draw as you progress on this life-changing path.

Here’s what’s written on the front page:

To design this journal, we’ve gathered data from the psychedelic community.  This information shaped the way we designed each tracking area. Firstly, we will help you track and find the right dose of psychedelics that works for you. Secondly, we have provided a space for you to track your daily experiences, focusing on the areas of your life that might be impacted while microdosing.

Wishing you all the best on this most magical journey,


(Combine with Eir Microdosing kit for a discount)


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