Nano CBD Tincture – 600mg


Nano CBD is superior dues to it’s incredibly high bio-availability. Most oil based tinctures are not absorbed well through the stomach lining and there can be over 90% loss that occurs. Nano emulsified CBD has much smaller particles at 10-50 nanometres (compared to 4000 nanometres for most oils) which makes it both water soluble and easily absorbed in the body. Nano CBD is approximately 4-7 times stronger and faster acting than Non-Nano equivalents.

Dosage: Adult average single dose is approximately 20mg CBD, this varies based on tolerance. With Nano CBD we recommend starting with 5mg. Each Tincture has 30ml of oil and a 1ml dropper. Each dropper holds 20mg, so a good starting dose is 1/4 of a dropper (5mg).

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