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GUMMY SHROOMS – $20 per Gummy

LIMITLESS MUSHROOMS GUMMY SHROOMS deliver pure psilocybin extract in a delicious, convenient and easy-to-digest gummy candy. We’ve spent the last year working with extraction experts who’ve perfected the extraction process of turning psilocybin mushrooms into a pure psilocybin liquid extract. Each GUMMY SHROOM contains the same psilocybin content as 1 gram of a dried Psilocybe cubensis mushroom.


Benefits of GUMMY SHROOMS over traditional dried magic mushrooms:

  • Much easier to digest than dried mushrooms
  • No more gut rot, cramps or nausea
  • Taste much better than dried shrooms
  • Fast-acting effects within 30 to 45 minutes
  • Much more pleasant come-up and come-down
  • No anxiety or sick feelings on the come-up
  • Gentle come-down, ease back to normal
  • Much easier to control the length of your high
  • More consistent psilocybin dosage compared to dried shrooms
  • More “outgoing/social” effects



LIMITLESS MUSHROOMSä GUMMY SHROOMS delivers elevated sensory effects and an uplifting experience, which is perfect for a solo adventure or hanging out with friends and laughing the night away! Pure psilocybin extract delivers more ”outgoing” effects (more social) whereas traditional dried magic mushrooms deliver more “inward” effects (deep self-thinking).


All Positive Effects, Zero Unpleasant Effects

GUMMY SHROOMS alleviate any gut rot, nausea or stomach issues because the mushroom extract has been processed down to the point where there is virtually no organic mushroom material, just pure psilocybin extract!


More Controllable High & Consistent Dosage

GUMMY SHROOMS provide a much more controllable high, as the effects last roughly half as long as traditional magic mushrooms. Effects are usually felt within the first 30 minutes, with full effects kicking in at about 45 minutes to 1 hour after consumption and continuing for about a 2 to 4 hour “high.” Each gummy contains the same psilocybin content as 1 gram of a dried Psilocybe cubensis mushroom.


Easy Up and Easy Down!

The lingering aftereffects of traditional magic mushrooms can be quite a downer. After the high goes away, you’re left with a weird, lingering feeling for hours and hours, making it hard to go to sleep or continue on with a normal day. GUMMY SHROOMS do not have this effect at all. You can take multiple GUMMY SHROOMS at 6 o’clock and be completely sober again by 11 pm ­– 12 am. Just be cautious about driving and use common sense.



Take 1 to 3 GUMMY SHROOMS on an empty stomach. Start with 1 gummy to assess your individual tolerance. You can increase the dosage as desired. Everyone develops a tolerance to psychedelics, so the more frequently you use, the more your tolerance will build up.


CAUTION: Do NOT consume GUMMY SHROOMS with any illicit drugs or OTC/prescription medications. It is NOT recommended to consume GUMMY SHROOMS with alcohol as it can blunt the effects.



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