Hindu Pink – 4A+ – *Appreciation Sale* 3A Pricing!


We love this beautifully healing strain so much and it was made with powerful, positive, loving intentions!  During these challenging times, we want to make such a strain, , available to absolutley as many people as possible! So we have significantly dropped it’s price with gratitude for our incredible clients, we want you to enjoy as much of this gorgeous flower as you like 🙂

She’s latest offering from our absolute favourite producers Mistry Creek, Hindu Pink is a perfectly strong Mid Harvest Indica combing two of the most venerated Kush strains!

Into the depths of forest dank with this terpene mingling of sweet airy pine, powerful earthy moss and subtle warm spices.

Her gorgeous shamrock green buds glitter with a sparkly white trichome coating and a smattering of ginger orange pistils.

Misty Creek continues to push the envelope with their unique positive energetic approach to growing and the good feels Hindu Pink provides is another testament to their true cannabis artistry and skill. They ensure everyone is in a positive mood before entering the grow rooms, understanding that energy of all types significantly affect these plants.

At over 22% THC, this is a very potent strain with an almost magical ability to assuage pain, insomnia, as well as increase appetite and food appreciation.



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