Green Apple OG – Premium


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From our absolute favourite producers at Misty Creek, growers of OMG Kush and King Tut, comes another sparkling gem called Green Apple OG!

This sativa dominant has massive chunky buds laden with frosty crystal and the sweet fragrance of a Granny Smith orchard.

At well over 20% THC, Green Apple OG is a powerful cerebral experience for even the most veteran of smokers.

Misty Creek ensures tons of added value with their cutting edge growing techniques including energetic amplification via copper pyramids and frequency infusion. Their strains target a myriad of illnesses while also enhancing our innate psychological and sensual capabilities.

With the primary terpenes of Limonene, Beta Caryophellene and Humulene, expect mood enhancing energy, great for exercise and productivity from GAO.

This strain will take your mind to bright, beautiful places 🙂


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