Gourmet Milk Chocolate Mushrooms – 1g – Assorted Strains


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1g Gourmet Milk Chocolate Mushrooms are made with delicious high quality milk chocolate by a professional chocolatier! The chocolate makes eating mushrooms much more pleasurable, and the cacao has psychoactive properties which actually enhance the psychedelic experience.  In fact, there are those who have cacao alone in ceremonies to enjoy it’s lovely effects.


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PE, Transkei "African" Cubensis, Golden Teachers, Wollongong, Ecuadorian

1 review for Gourmet Milk Chocolate Mushrooms – 1g – Assorted Strains

  1. Sacha (verified owner)

    excellent upgrade over their previous chocolates which I still have left as they didn’t hit the taste mark. These are excellent tasting and hit the spot beautifully. I was really happy with the better quality of these products and have given several away to friends who all raved about the experience. kicks in after about 30 minutes and last about 3 hours of heavy hit duration and another hour or so of residual effect. nothing too crazy but certainly a very positive and fun experience. my favourite variety has been Mexican followed by P.E. I’m usually a regular weed smoker and decided to try something a bit different for some lock-down excitement which did not disappoint. for the guys wanting to share with their wife’s – use a half of less chocolate piece to start. don’t rush it, start with a smaller dose and see how your partner does. I’m 190lbs and over 6′ so 1 chocolate is a good hit for someone my size but my friends report back that most tried half at first and used another half another time. I wasn’t a fan of the Huaulata variety, it didn’t have any bad effects but rather just didn’t do anything for me. for reference, I’ve never tried any shrooms or other drugs in the past, just vaped/ smoked for the past 15 years so I’m sure individual results will very. Lastly, the folks at Compassion in motion are awesome. I’ve ordered both online and by phone, used cash and e-transfer and these guys are always delivering super quick, nice polite people to deal with and solid products. very happy to recommend them to my friends.

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