Eir Microdose Kit


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With all the added stresses that come in a covid world, we at Compassion in Motion want to support you the best way we can. We’ve collaborated with Eir Sacred Wellness to develop a beautifully elegant yet sophisticated Microdose Kit. This gorgeously crafted box serves as the perfect centrepiece and aid for creating ceremony and intention, which have been shown to profoundly enhance results.

One of the biggest challenges with Microdosing is getting the right dose, too much can throw off your day, not enough just isn’t effective. This kit features an exquisitely ornate silver spoon allowing for tailor made precision dosing with 25mg per scoop (a quarter of our current 0.1g microdose capsule).

Further enhancing the customization, there are 5 Mushroom Powder Blends to help dial in exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Joy, Creativity, Spirituality, Energy & Flow

In the spirit of sustainability, each jar will include a $5 recycling deposit to be refunded upon jar return.

For the best possible results, combine the kit with our meticulously designed and informative Microdosing Journal by Odin. Together, you’ll have everything you need to raise your vibrational level and be the best version of yourself, everyday!
Each kit contains:
  • Eir Sacred Wellness Box
  • Infomation Pamphlet
  • 25mg Ornate Silver Spoon
  • Microdose Jar 2g of your choice
Kit: $100+$5 deposit
Journal: $25
Kit & Journal (discount) : $115+$5 deposit
Refill Jar: $25+$5 deposit
For more information on microdosing protocols, check out:
For finding the right dose for you:
Finally, to join in on a beautiful 30 day challenge:






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