Daily Ritual High Tea Bags 8x125mg


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Daily Ritual High Tea Bags are organic, vegan & sustainably sourced! Infused with Golden Teachers, Lion’s Mane and Ashwaganda, this blend has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, mood boosting effects, immune system protection and digestive support.  Each bag is lovingly prepared for you to incorporate daily, for ceremonial practice, or a wonderfully magical tea party!

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2 reviews for Daily Ritual High Tea Bags 8x125mg

  1. B Antonson

    This is a top level tea taste and enjoyable way to relax

  2. Cody T.

    Nowhere in town has ЯR teas, and until shrooms are mainstream, on the menu board at the McDonald’s drive-thru, at graduations, at wakes, slip a into a fuzz with these teas

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