Curó Virgin King Tut


Cured for 10 Months. Loosely trimmed for maximum trichome retantion. King Tut is a premium Misty Creek production, grown using the same innovative techniques as the OMG Kush. She’s a sweet sativa dominant plant, fed energized, vortexed, intentional water infused with a variety of frequencies. As a result, King Tut rovides a rich array of positive effects:  For anyone seeking soulful healing, a cheerful mood elevator and a bit of motivation as daylight hours dwindle, King Tut is sure to provide exactly what is needed.

Virgin strains have some of the longer leaves left on to protect the trichomes. We can gently remove them by hand at your request.

Curó Quicknotes:

·         Better with age like scotch & cigars
·         Smoother, Sweeter, Stronger
·         Less chlorophyll = Smoother
·         Starches convert to sugars = Sweeter
·         Delta 3&6 THC convert to Delta 9 THC = Stronger
·         Top shelf, for special occasions
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