Curó Nuken


Curó Nuken is a 21 Month Early Harvest Sativa from our best producers at Misty Creek. These beautiful frosty buds have taken on a unique colouration during the curing process, donning oranges, golds, lavender and minimized green tones.  The aroma is superb, smelling like the most delicious creamy berry parfait. Nuken is a prevalent strain for good reason, if you’ve ever enjoyed it uncured, you need to try this.  Thank us later ; )

Curó Quicknotes:

·         Better with age like scotch & cigars
·         Smoother, Sweeter, Stronger
·         Less chlorophyll = Smoother
·         Starches convert to sugars = Sweeter
·         Delta 3&6 THC convert to Delta 9 THC = Stronger
·         Top shelf, for special occasions
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