Curó CBD Ice Cream


Curó CBD Ice Cream is a 15 month Mid Harvest Hybrid with a decadent aroma of creamy vanilla and fruit. 15 months has been enough time to start to reduce the chlorophyll from what was a deep green and purple strain.  This strain is a sweet treat to be enjoyed on those occasions when you feel like a boost of energy and glee is just what’s needed.

*CBD Strains may contain some seeds… If you’re thinking of growing your 4 legally allowed plants, these are perfect for you*

Curó Quicknotes:

·         Better with age like scotch & cigars
·         Smoother, Sweeter, Stronger
·         Less chlorophyll = Smoother
·         Starches convert to sugars = Sweeter
·         Delta 3&6 THC convert to Delta 9 THC = Stronger
·         Top shelf, for special occasions
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