Avery’s Albino Cubensis – Dried Mushrooms


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Avery’s Albino is a beautifully unique psilocybin strain. Its effects are reported to be a mix of euphoria, peaceful contemplation, bodily vibration, and visual stimulation. Users often report a strong and fast come-up so have your mindset and setting in positive alignment before consuming!

It grows large fruiting bodies, with a distinctly pallid pileus (cap), nearly all white, usually darker towards the centre, often with a central umbo (bump). Sporation is moderate with purple-black spores making it technically “leucystic” not albino (true albino has white spores) and it’s favoured by cultivators for its unique coloration and prolific fruit body growth.

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1 review for Avery’s Albino Cubensis – Dried Mushrooms

  1. derek.scott (verified owner)

    Really nice and light experience with these. Emphasis on the euphoric 🙂

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